Production of dextran and dextran derivatives​

​About PKC

PKC is a well-consolidated privately owned company, which Headquarter is located in Køge, Denmark. PKC is specialized within the production of dextran and dextran derivatives to the international pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnological and cosmetic industry.

​We have accumulated many years of expertise within the art of development and production of dextran and dextran derivatives. Thus, we know how to steadily produce standard products according to specification and we know how to tweak reactions parameters to produce customer specific products. We are 100% back-integrated, as we produce the dextran which we also derivatize. Thus, we own control of the entire process which is your safety guarantee.

​Our personnel are highly skilled in the art of dextran chemistry. We have dedicated reaction equipment, our Quality Department secures compliance towards the various standards and we have our own storage and shipment facilities. We can even deliver product in specialty packaging and size. This is how we understand quality and flexibility.

​Our sales department strives to understand your specific needs and to deliver the right product in due time. All of this with the sole purpose of serving you in the absolute best manner.



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