CAS Number: 9064-91-9

pK Chemicals produces DEAE-Dextran (Di-ethyl-amino-ethyl Dextran). DEAE-Dextran (Di-ethyl-amino-ethyl Dextran) is a polycationic derivative of Dextran. It is a white, hygroscopic powder, freely soluble in water and salt solutions which, under the right conditions, can be sterilized by autoclaving or by sterile filtration.

DEAE-Dextran maintains its quality and efficacy for more than 3 years when stored at room temperature in airtight packaging. The product is supplied as the hydrochloride.

DEAE-Dextran offers a wide range of chemical and biological properties. The following properties are well documented:

• Adjuvant in vaccines
• Agent for transfection
• Stabilizer of proteins
• Agent for reduction of cholesterol count
• Enhancer of viral infectivity


Test/Characteristic Limit Test Method
Appearance Visual inspection EP
Identification Complies EP
Nitrogen content, %N 2.8-3.3 EP
Specific optical rotation +140 to +150 EP
Specific viscosity 0.5-1.0 EP
Absorbance, (375 nm) Max 0.1 EP and USP
Heavy metals; ug/g ≤ 5 USP
Loss on drying, % ≤ 7 EP and USP
pH, (1 % w/v sol) 4.0-6.0 EP
Residue on ignition; % ≤ 1.0 USP
Microbiological Contamination:
TYMC, cfu/g ≤ 100 EP / USP
TAMC, cfu/g ≤ 100 EP / USP

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