1,4-Butanediol Diglycidyl Ether; 90% and 95% (1,4-BDGE)

CAS Number: 2425-79-8

Chemical structure of 1,4-BDGE


• Cross-binding of polymers
• Cross-binding of proteins and other bio-molecules
• Linkage between scaffold and “active” molecule (luminescence, affinity-molecule, dye, etc). Two grades: 90% and 95% purity


Test/Characteristic Limit Test Method
Appearance Clear Internal
Color Colorless to slightly yellow Internal
Identification, GC To pass test Internal
Refractve index nD (Determ. at 2°C) 1,452-1,454 EP
Density, g/mL 1.060-1.070 EP
Assay for total expoxide > 90 % Internal
1.4-bis (2.3 epoxy-propoxy butane) - % v/v > 90 % / > 95 % Internal

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