Production of dextran and dextran derivatives​

​Dextran derivatives

PKC manufactures and supplies dextran derivatives in high quality. Due to our flexible production equipment, we can produce dextran derivatives in technical grade and dextran derivatives produced under cGMP-manufactured. Dedicated reaction vessels of stainless steel and glass lined steel reactors are used for the production of our dextran derivatives. PKC has decades of experience within production and development of dextran derivatives. Thus, we can solve and inquiry of known or new dextran derivative.

Our standard products are: 

  • DEAE Dextran (Diethylaminoethyl dextran)
  • Dextran sodium sulphate
  • CM-Dextran (Carboxymethyl dextran)

 All in various molecular weights.

​Besides PKC’s standard products, our experience enables us to manufacture novel customer specific dextran derivatives. This may be a unique combination between molecular weight and classical derivative moieties or a unique combination between molecular weight and specialty derivative moieties.




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