Production of dextran and dextran derivatives​

Dextran sulfate

Physical characteristics of Dextran sulfate:

Dextran sulfate is a polyanionic derivative of Dextran. It is supplied as the sodium salt which is a white powder. Dextran sulfate is freely soluble in water and salt solutions. Dextran sulfate forms a stable and clear solution. The high purity and reproducible quality commend Dextran sulfate for many applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetic industry.

Chemical characteristics of Dextran sulphate:

​Dextran sulphate is prepared by reaction of Dextran with chloro-sulphonic acid, followed by careful purification. Each glucose unit in the Dextran chain has approximate two sulphate groups, most often located at the second and fourth carbon (C2 and C4) of the glucose units (Figure 1).

The molecular weight denotation of ​Dextran sulfate is the molecular weight in KDa divided by 1000. I.e. ​Dextran sulfate 40 is ​Dextran sulfate 40.000 KDa. Typical denotations are: 1,3,5,10,40,60,70,110,150, 250 and 500.

Dextran sulfate applications:

  • Accelerates hybridisation rates
  • Anti-coagulant properties
  • Anti-viral properties
  • Interaction with lipoproteins, enzymes and cells
  • Cosmetic applications
  • Stabilizer of proteins

Figure 1. Dextran sulfate



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