About pK Chemicals

pK Chemicals is a Danish company, which has combined its chemical and pharmaceutical expertise to manufacture dextran, dextran derivatives and customized products to world-leading companies in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries since 1964.



The Hårlev laboratory

Our strategic direction is to supply ingredients and intermediates to the final manufacturers within our 3 core businesses: Dextran Derivatives, Dextran and long-term contract manufacturing partnerships with large medico and pharmaceutical companies.

We aim to strengthen our longstanding position as world leader within Dextran Derivatives and gain a strong position in our new business area Dextran. We will build new business areas based upon our long-term experience with delivering API´s as well as continue development of new ingredients and intermediates in coorporation with our contract manufacturing partners.

Our focus is to match our customers´ needs for a trustworthy supplier that meets the demands for ever-increasing quality and documentation requirements for pharmaceutical products. pK Chemicals produces Dextran and Dextran Derivatives in various molecular weights and derivatizations supported by the necessary quality assurance and documentation. Our products are manufactured in compliance with cGMP. We ensure that our specifications meet the highest product quality standards in the market and secure a smooth cooperation rooted in an understanding of our customers´ value chain and dependency on correct specifications. We are proud to demonstrate an extraordinary openness about our manufacturing processes and meet you with agile decision processes.

Our Heritage


The story of pK Chemicals goes back more than 70 years. It all began during World War II with two Swedish Nobel Prize-winners, Professor Theodor Svedberg and Arne Tiselius, who initiated basic research at the University of Uppsala based on sugar beets. In 1941 two of their students, Bjørn Ingelman and Anders Grönwall, identified and separated Dextrose and in coorperation with the professors developed Dextran for use in freeze-drying of blood plasma for military medicine. The scientists discovered that Dextran could be used as a replacement for blood plasma during blood transfusions. The scientists contacted Pharmacia, which was one of the oldest independent pharmaceutical companies in Scandinavia, founded in 1911 in Stockholm.


Based upon the scientists' findings Pharmacia launched Macrodex® in 1947. In 1959 a cross-linked dextran, Sephadex, was added to the product range and shortly after Rheomacrodex® was launched in 1961. Pharmacia became one of the first companies in the world to produce a wide range of pharmaceutical products based upon Dextran and subsequently developed into a global company.


Pharmacia Denmark was established in 1964 as Pharmacia´s production plant for Pharmacia´s active products, based upon biotechnology including enzymes for human insulin and for treatment of chronic wounds as well as Iron Dextran for Imferon.


The plant has been producing DEAE-Dextran and Dextran Sulfate since 1981.


The plant has changed name twice; initially to Pharmacia Køge Chemicals in 1991 and since shortened to pK Chemicals in 1998.


In 1997 Pharmacia Køge Chemicals was transferred to Amersham Pharmacia Biotech with its head office in Uppsala, Sweden.


A private investor group acquired pK Chemicals from Amersham Pharmacia Biotech.


In 2003 we acquired the product rights for DEAE-Dextran and Dextran Sulfate from Amersham Biosciences.


In 2005 we acquired the CM-Dextran from GE Healthcare Protein Separations.


In 2010 we acquired the facilities in Hårlev and started the installation of equipment for Dextran production.


pK Chemicals changed owners in 2013 to the present private owner group. Our heritage from Pharmacia in Sweden is up to this day still reflected through the “p” in our company name, but most importantly our roots are reflected in our dedication to manufacture Dextran and Dextran Derivatives, symbolized by the sugar beet in our logo.

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Mission and Vision

Our Mission

pK Chemicals is focused exclusively on the manufacture of ingredients for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. We manufacture and customize standard ingredients, and we develop ingredients according to requirements in cooperation with customers. 

Our Vision

In a world of ever-increasing quality and documentation requirements for pharmaceutical products our goal is to be our customers´ most trustworthy supplier.
In pK Chemicals we build trust by ensuring: the highest product quality standards in the market; the necessary quality assurance and documentation; and an extraordinary openness about our manufacturing.

Our Logo


Our logo reflects the origin of our business in 1941 where scientists through basic research transformed sugar beets into ingredients for medicine.

In consequence, the Sugar Beet appears in our logo in a clear and simplified form. The logo is designed to make your eyes complete the Sugar Beet form. The form itself is transparent, only visible when surrounded by the cone, which reflects the technical processes in our company. It is an abstract vision of the sugar beet, our very processes and outcome.

Water is an important ingredient in the refining process and is represented by the color blue in a likewise clear style. The blue color highlights pK Chemicals as a transparent and serious business partner within the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

The combined simplicity of the logo reflects the Nordic heritage.

Our Manufacturing Facilities

We have two manufacturing plants, one in Køge and one in Hårlev. Our headquarters is located in connection with our Køge site. 

Køge site
In our facilities in Køge we manufacture Dextran Derivatives as well as contract manufacture ingredients and intermediates according to customers´ requirements.

The plant is situated in Køge approximately 30 km south of Copenhagen. This plant has manufactured active ingredients, Dextran Derivatives as well as intermediates for contract manufacturing customers since 1964. Today most of the equipment is dedicated to cGMP production and enables manufacturing according to cGMP regulations.

Hårlev site 
Our new manufacturing plant for Dextran is located 15 km south of Køge in Hårlev. Since 2015 we have manufactured Dextran for our own Dextran Derivatives as well as for customers.

By acquiring our plant in Hårlev in 2010 we have secured sufficient space for enlarging our capacity considerably as well as possibilities for adding new business areas and contract manufacturing. The buildings were originally built for medical device production, thus being a modern state-of-the-art building, born with all the necessary facilities for high-quality production. The plant manufactures according to cGMP regulations.

Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)

At pK Chemicals we integrate Environmental, Health and Safety considerations into our decision making and business planning. We constantly strive to improve our way of operations in accordance with our EHS policy and standards. We take pride in complying with all relevant laws and regulation demands to our business and sites.

We have always been an environmentally conscious company with great respect for the responsibility we have for minimizing the impact our business has on the external environment and preserving the natural resources for the future.

It is required by the Danish National Environmental Agency that we obtain a general environmental site specific permit with specific conditions and requirements regarding pollution prevention and management of soil, ground water, noise, air emissions, overall waste and raw materials. We have obtained such an overall environmental permit and we are inspected by the authorities every 2-3 years.

We have obtained site-specific wastewater discharge and underground permits by the local municipal agency.

Since 1998 pK Chemicals has prepared annual Green Accounts that are available upon request.

Health & Safety
At pK Chemicals we do our best to ensure our people and our products are protected against exposure and contamination. We highly prioritize our people´s safety and we do our utmost to secure that our employees stay safe and minimize the risk of injury. Our Health & Safety organization works constantly to ensure that all safety procedures are followed. The Danish National Working Environment Agency inspects both our sites, to ensure that we are in compliance with the industry good practices and rules.


pK Chemicals A/S is today owned 100% by the holding company pK Biotech ApS, which is privately owned.


Morten Bergstrand Acting CEO & Co-Owner
Henrik Fuglsang CCO
Tina Bjerg Pedersen Director, QA & QC
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Rene Qvortrup Director, Engineering
Johannes Fabritius Petersen Head of Process Support and R&D
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Allan Hansen Head of EHS